guess who’s bizzack!

lol, sorry for the LONG absence, it’s my senior year and i’ve been super busy. but, hopefully, i’ll begin posting again within the next 2 weeks. I just reinstalled photoshop as well, so im officially back to making gifs!

for all requests, put them in my ask box and I will make and post them as soon as i can!

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all new gifs coming friday night :)

please send in all gif requests from tomorrow’s season premiere of Tamar & Vince as well as any requests from BFV by FRIDAY NIGHT!

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We are on hiatus until Tamar & Vince returns to TV in September! Until then you may continue to send gif requests and we will post them in September.

I hope you all have had a nice summer!

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gonna try to do all of the gif requests this week. I’ve been super busy

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callmekev: can you do a gif tamar's dancing in the kitchen during the Braxton family reunion best of tamar section? I believe it was from the second reunion

yes! I’m gonna try to do it tonight, but if its not up tonight, it’ll be up tomorrow

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itaketrips: She hasn't done it in a while, and I don't know if you remember; but could you post a clip of Trina saying "everybody need ls a little what what hey hey" when she was talking about sex. I know if you could find it, the clip would be easier than making a gif. I can't find that clip ANYWHERE, it was hilarious, love your blog btw ;)

ooo that’s a hard one because I don’t remember what season or episode that’s from. does anybody know what season and/or episode this is from?

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catchstds: Absolutely love your blog!!!! I been lookin for HD BFV gifs for the longest thank you!!

aw thank you so much!!

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we were literally JUST at 195 followers, now we’re at 231! wow

you guys are great! I work really hard on these gifs, investing a number of hours each week on the tumblr! thanks for appreciating that & following the blog & reblogging the gifs!


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deathgate-deactivated20140321: can you gif tamar saying "have several seats"? :)

I won’t be able to make any gifs until Wednesday! Do you have a specific episode that you want it from?

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