BFV is back, that means gifs are back :)
itaketrips said:
She hasn't done it in a while, and I don't know if you remember; but could you post a clip of Trina saying "everybody need ls a little what what hey hey" when she was talking about sex. I know if you could find it, the clip would be easier than making a gif. I can't find that clip ANYWHERE, it was hilarious, love your blog btw ;)

ooo that’s a hard one because I don’t remember what season or episode that’s from. does anybody know what season and/or episode this is from?

catchstds said:
Absolutely love your blog!!!! I been lookin for HD BFV gifs for the longest thank you!!

aw thank you so much!!

What's the episode with Traci and Tamar going at it at Therapy?

I dont know the exact episode, but I think its within the first 3 episodes of the season.